About us

Del Plata Butacas

Since the 80’s we have been producing in Argentina the most comfortable, safe and efficient line of seats. Covering and embracing the different sectors of the market, in which bus, bodywork and industrial machines stand out.


Our innovative and ergonomic designs in compliance with safety regulations; and the use of the best raw material for our products characterize us. We are constantly innovating, incorporating new technologies, following the needs, advances and challenges demanded by our customers.


To be recognized as a leading Argentine company that develops and produces seats with its own innovative designs, with the best quality in the market.


We are oriented to achieve high standards of satisfaction of our customers and users, complying with all the standards and legislation in force that regulate our activity and committing ourselves to continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System at all levels of our organization.


Sistema de Gestión de Calidad

Nos garantiza el cumplimento de los estandares reconocidos internacionalmente. Nos concentramos en la satisfacción del cliente y la mejora continua del desempeño de nuestra organización a través de un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad para reducir los riesgos e inspirar confianza con las partes.